The results of Composition Competition “art and violence”

The subject of this year’s edition of the competition was to compose a piece for harpsichord and electronics with a duration of up to 10 minutes, referring in its idea to the relationship between various forms of violence and art, as well as various individual forms of its expression.
The jury members:
Magdalena Długosz (Poland)
Marco Stroppa (Italy)
Karol Nepelski (Poland/Germany)
evaluated the scores sent from: England, Brazil, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, and the United States.

The jury qualified the following scores for the second stage:
Forgotten bells for a lost father pseudonym Kokoroty
intimidazione pseudonym Asdxfls2
Lash Your Face With Razor Wire pseudonym HTFK

Ultimately, the jury decided to award only the first prize to Tomasz Szczepanik from Poland for the composition intimidazione for harpsichord and computer.
On behalf of the organizers of the competition, we would like to congratulate the winner and all participants!

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